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Music On Hold Players and Music On Hold Equipment
Flashpoint offers digital music on hold players to reliably and continuously play music on hold or messages on hold to callers. To use music on hold equipment you’ll need a business phone system with a music on hold input. If you have ever had a radio or other audio playing on hold, then your system is music on hold compatible. If you’re not sure, ask your phone vendor or the phone system manufacturer. Standard phones bought at stores like Office Depot do not have a music on hold capability. To upgrade to a business phone system that is music on hold compatible, contact us for a referral to a phone system vendor.
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The OHP 8000 music on hold player plays audio directly from any USB Flash Drive for continuous playback. To add new audio content, just copy any mp3 file from your PC or Mac to the included 128 MB USB flash drive. The OHP 8000 plays any mp3 file(s), and is ideal for playback of Flashpoint custom music on hold with messages or our pre-recorded music on hold mp3 content with “thank you for holding” voice over. High quality audio playback coupled with up to 140 hours of playback time (via almost any off-the-shelf 2GB USB Flash drive) make the OHP 8000 suitable for background music, storecasting and of course, music and message on hold applications.

Best of all, the OHP 8000 automatically restarts after any power failure, making it far more reliable and consistent than consumer audio devices sometimes used as on hold equipment. Compatible with any pbx or ksu phone system equipped with a music on hold input / capability (if you’re unsure what this means, please contact us before ordering).

Includes an industry-leading 5 year warranty from the manufacturer. Just $199!

On Hold Player Dimensions:
7″ x 5.5″ x 3″ (LWH)
Included USB Flash Drive:
Supported Formats:

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